AC Cleaning Service

AC Cleaning Service

AC Cleaning Service:

Al Suroor Technical Service LLC is providing AC Cleaning Service in Dubai. The best and reliable services in all over Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Al Suroor Technical Service LLC, We embrace a broad range of AC Cleaning Service in Dubai, and upkeep administrations Al Suroor Technical Service LLC are a name of trust in Air Conditioning Cleaning services. Within a short period, we have won our customer’s satisfaction and confidence by providing quality & reliable AC Cleaning Service in Dubai.

We offer AC Cleaning Service and Disinfection Service for the residential and commercial sector in Dubai. Deep duct cleaning is an important part of living in the Gulf countries simply because people here are exposed to more allergens than most places. And since we spend more time indoors using an AC to cool down, we may be breathing in harmful air contaminants. Al Suroor Technical Service LLC is a leader in AC cleaning service in the Dubai and provides total cleaning and disinfection of your whole AC unit using state of the art equipment.

AC Cleaning Service

Windows A/C Cleaning Service and maintenance
• Split units maintenance and installation
• Centralized, split duct and chillers, A/C unit
• Water Cooler Systems installation and repairing

Our Services:

AC Cleaning Service

AC Cleaning Service and AC Ducts Cleaning Service in Dubai are prone to a lot of allergens that can harm you and cause life-threatening conditions. Moulds, Dust, and other harmful bacteria could be growing within your AC Ducts, Vents, Evaporator and AC Drainage trays and pipes. You could be inhaling them right now.

Our AC Cleaning Service includes complete verification of all the aspects involved in the functioning of your air conditioner. After a quick and accurate diagnosis of your air conditioning unit’s status, we will proceed with the cleaning and upgrading of these above elements, including:

  Cleaning or Replacing the Filter
• Cleaning the Outside Condenser Unit and Offering Solutions for Protecting the Unit from Bad Weather
•   Cleaning the Evaporator Coils
•   Replacing the Power Cord If Worn
•   Electrical Check of the Thermostat and Switch
•  Cleaning the Condensation Drain Lines and Checking For Any Leaks and Potential Replacements.


We are covering greater area of Dubai including:

Our Expertise:

AC Cleaning Service

AC cleaning Service is another of Al Suroor Technical Service LLC specialities and is critical to keeping your living and working space clean and healthy. Your air duct system can easily get clogged up with allergens, dust and dirt without you even realizing it. Your furnace or air conditioning won’t be able to breathe properly, and you may end recycling unhealthy airborne particles indoors. A skilled air duct cleaner with the right tools from Al Suroor can quickly and efficiently get your ducts, and your air cleaned up properly. You will use less power, increase the efficiency of your HVAC your system, and improve your air quality.

AC Cleaning Service and maintenance are about more than protecting your comfort during humid summers. The small cost for a maintenance visit will pay you back with excellent savings in a number of different ways.

Competitively priced visits – the frequency will depend on your requirements.
• Thorough inspection, cleaning and testing of systems.
• Expert recommendations
• Technical advice and fault diagnosis assistance
• Scheduled maintenance visits at times suitable for you & your business needs.
• Competitive pricing for spare parts, if not included in the AMC.

Why Choose us:

AC Cleaning Service

We have the expertise, information, and resources to supply an expert top quality service to any or all our industrial and Domestic customers. Below is the simply few selection from a number of the services AC Cleaning Service Dubai got to offer:

• AC Installations
• Air Conditioning Maintenance/ together with breakdown repairs,
• Planned Preventative Maintenance
• Air supply setup installations
• Heat Recovery Ventilation

So if you want any type of AC Cleaning Service Please Call 0581873003 where a member of our team is always happy to answer any queries you will have.