Ac Installation

Ac Repairs Dubai is providing Ac Installation Service in Dubai. The best and reliable services in all over Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Ac Repairs Dubai, We embrace a broad range of Ac Installation in Dubai, and upkeep administrations Ac Repairs Dubai are a name of trust in Air Conditioning Cleaning and Ac Installation services. Within a short period, we have won our customer’s satisfaction and confidence by providing quality & reliable Ac Installation Service in Dubai.

Ac Installation:

Ac Installation

We are providing the complete Ac Installation Solution and services like heating, cooling and air quality needs for both commercial and residential. Ac Repairs Dubai dedicated to meeting and exceeding our respected client’s expectations. We provide Emergency AC Repair and Ac Installation service all brands and types of Home Appliances and Air Conditions.

  • We’re also available 24 hours a day 7 days of the week
  • All our technicians are highly trained and professional, able to offer you expert and friendly advice.
  • We also use the only manufacturer approved parts so that once your Ac Installation been successfully carried out your units will continue to run efficiently in the future.

Types of Ac Installation Service Dubai Ac Repairs Dubai provide:

– Repairing AC faults and problems. Emergency AC Service Dubai
– Air Conditioner not working properly or stop after some time.Ac Installation
– AC is not taking an electric load and also trips often.
– Noise is coming from the AC compressor.
Water leakage from the AC inner or outer.
– Electric circuit trips when turning the AC on.
– The problem in electric wiring of the AC.
– AC is not cooling the room properly.
– Gas leakage of AC.
– AC is not tripping properly

Our Expertise:

  • Inspection & also cleaning of filters
  • Checking & also cleaning of electrical components
  • Testing of performance and functionality of compressor
  • Checking compressor for irregular noise, vibration, and also proper suction
  • Pressure washing of condenser coils (outside)
  • Checking condenser and also evaporation fins
  • Cleaning of drain lines
  • Checking of AC motors like fans, belts, motors (vibration, the noise a.s.o.)
  • Lubrication of fan motors fans bearings
  • Checking and adjustment of fan motor pulley alignment
  • Placing of drain flow tablets in drip trays (charged at extra cost)
  • Minor repairs to insulation
  • Checking the temperature in the rooms

Wide Range Of Services​​

Wide Range Of Services​​

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