Split AC Installation

Split AC Installation

Split AC Installation

The electricians of Al-Suroor are specialized in split AC installation. Split AC installations such as installing electrical wiring’s, inside and outside outlets are done by our professional electrician. Unlike un-licensed freelancers in this field, Al-Suroor provides well trained and licensed electrician to solve your split AC problems. Our electricians provide all types of services you need in your home, office or commercial area. From fixing split AC components, attaching hoses, pipes, and installation of electric wiring of split AC, we have it all.

Al-Suroor provides the wide range of split AC installation at your doorsteps. Our qualified electricians are trained to install split AC in your residence or office. They provide all the solution under one roof for all kinds of AC installations in Dubai. Our professional electricians can repair split AC installation faults and flow the safe electric current in the split AC.

With the help of the professional electrician, we can minimize the short circuit, fire emergencies, damage and broken wiring in the split AC. Our experts are gear with best quality tools, equipment and safety measures to avoid an accident during installation service of Split AC.

Split AC installation Al-Suroor provides:

1. Electrical installation and wiring of split AC:

Our certified electricians are very well trained in installing all the electrical components and wiring of the AC.

2. Installation of new and old electrical components of split AC such as inner and outer:

3. Installing and repairing electrical infrastructure, circuit breaker, electric outlet for split AC.

4. We provide installation of all the non-electrical components of spit AC such as pipes, hoses, and attachments of the inner and outer units.

Qualities of Al-Suroor Split AC installation:

1. Well-equipped Split AC installation:

Our Split AC installation experts have a professional uniform, tools, brushes, ladders and equipment’s for AC installing services.

2. Expert and well-trained Split AC installation:

Our Split AC installation has years of expertise and is well trained to fulfil customer’s requirement.

3. Helpful, friendly and reliable:

Our Split AC installation solves your AC installing problems in no time, they are hired after background and very helpful and friendly.

4. The flexibility of service:

Our Split AC installation provides flexibility of services from personal to commercial clients, from houses to offices, from big to small AC installing jobs, we do it all.

5. Full Service:

Al-Suroor A to Z service for the split AC installation, our handyman provides complete split AC installation services along with all the wiring, attaching the components and electricity and hose attachment.

6. Certified professionals:

Our handymen are certified and well trained for the split AC installation. We hire our handyman after checking all the professional details.

7. Verify results:

Al-Suroor gives best customer satisfaction and makes sure that your money is invested well. We allow customers to inspect and verify the results of the split AC installation by them and then pay our handyman.

8. Best in the business:

Al-Suroor offers best services at the most economical price, we provide handyman who is expert in split AC installation.