Split AC Cleaning

Split AC cleaning

Ac Repairs Dubai provides specialized Split AC cleaning services in Dubai. Unlike any other freelance or Split AC cleaning company, Ac Repairs Dubai provides 100% guaranteed services. Ac Repairs Dubai’s handyman uses blowers, vacuums, and brushes to clean the Split AC of all types.

Steps of Split Air Conditioner cleaning by Ac Repairs Dubai; Split AC cleaning1. Shuts off the power to Split Air Conditioner:

First, our handyman shuts off the power supply of the Split AC from the power outlet then they will close the power supply from the main circuit.

2. Cleaning indoor unit:

Our handyman replaces the dirty filter of the Split AC. Split AC filter collects all the dirt and dust, this dirt and dust need to be removed by a blower or washing the filter.

• Our handyman vacuumed the indoor unit to remove any dirt from the unit as well.

• Clean and dry Split Ac filters now replaced in the indoor unit.

3. Cleaning outdoor unit (condenser/ compressor)

• The main job of condenser coil cleaning is done by our handyman.

• The fins of the condenser are washed and brushed to remove any dirt and dust. This will help the fine cleaning of the outdoor unit of Split AC.

Reasons for Split AC cleaning by Ac Repairs Dubai:

1. Maintaining the Air quality:

The quality of air is also dependent on the split AC cleaning; it needs to be clean once in a while to secure family from harmful dirt present in the duct.

2. Unclogging the Ducts:

The duct is usually seen clogged with the dirt and germs and it prevents the air to properly flow into the house. That is why the ducts needed to be cleaned and unclogged the dirt from the system so that healthy and odourless air can circulate in the house.

Some other issues of Split AC cleaning; 1. Odour in the air. Split AC cleaning2. For maintaining the AC and its cleaning. 3. Leakage of the cooling. 4. Mould and also other bacteria present in the split AC. 5. Due to the presence of pet hair 6. Derbies, dust, and dirt in the split AC. 7. Illness and also allergies in the house. 8. Any other visible contamination is present in the split AC. 9. Any animal such as mouse or bird etc. is present in the split AC. 10. Any bird has made the nest in the split Ac outer.  

Wide Range Of Services​​

Wide Range Of Services​​

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