Emergency AC Repair

Emergency AC Repairs in DubaiEmergency AC Repair

Just like most of the house owner’s home repair and maintenance of Emergency AC Repair is a problem for you. When it comes to AC, most of the house owners try to find the best electrician because professional services are always required. Mostly the AC services are required in times of emergencies.

Sometimes the Emergency AC Repair seem minor but they are serious and needed to be fixed properly.

Instead of waiting until a leaking pipe of AC become a headache, call professional electrician of Ac Repairs Dubai. All the help you need will be provided at your doorsteps.

Common types of Emergency AC Repair by Ac Repairs Dubai:


1. Compressor issues:

The main task of the compressor is to pressure refrigerant so the heat can be released from the machine. It consists of the motor and electric wirings. This component of the AC work very hard and many problems can occur in this device. Many problems in a compressor can occur such as a stuck motor and not properly functioning of the motor, problem and breakdown of the electrical wiring of the compressor etc.

2. Fan problem:

There are two fans in the AC.

One is located in the inside unit called evaporator fan also called as the blower. This fan pushes the cool air in the duct-work and cools the room and house. It helps in removing the heat from your system.

There can also be many problems with the AC fans and needed emergency repairs.

3. Refrigerant leaks:

This is one of the most common problems and emergency of the AC and needs quick repairs. Our professionals are also expert in finding the refrigerant leaks in the AC. They quickly fix the refrigerants and stabilize the cooling of the AC.

Types of AC Emergency repairs Ac Repairs Dubai provide:Emergency AC Repairs

There are many problems and emergency an AC can come across.

1. Repairing AC faults and problems.

2. Air Conditioner not working properly or stop after some time. 3. AC is not taking the electric load and trips Emergency AC Repairoften. 4. Noise is coming from AC compressor. 5. Water leakage from the AC inner or outer. 6. Electric circuit trips when turning the AC on. 7. The problem in electric wiring of the AC. 8. AC is not cooling the room properly. 9. Gas leakage of AC. 10. AC is not tripping properly.

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Wide Range Of Services​​

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