Window AC Maintenance

Window AC Maintenance

The window ACs is an efficient and convenient way of cooling room or rooms in a house. Window AC required proper Window AC Maintenance and improves efficiency, decrease repair cost and cut down the electricity cost and bill. Before hiring an expert read out your window AC manual.

How Our Electrician Do Window AC Maintenance:

Window AC Maintenance1. Cleaning the air filter:

The Window AC Maintenance started by our electrician by cleaning the filters which are easily accessible on the front panel. They gently remove and clean the filters with water, and sometimes with chemical content. Our electrician dries out the filters properly, clean the filter channel properly and place back the filters at its place.

2. Checking for insects and animal nests:

Our electrician’s also checks for any animal or insect present in the window AC or have its nest there. If any such thing is present in the window AC it would be removed by our handyman and flow of air is retained.

3. Cleaning the condenser coil:

By the passage of time the dirt and dust are build up in the condenser coil and it needs to be removed from there. Our electricians also use condenser cleaning comb to straighten up the coils and clean it properly. Clean condenser coil helps in reducing the electricity bill, pressure on the machine and increase the cooling capacity of the window AC. The removal of dirt and dirt from the condenser coils also helps in boosting the performance of window AC and its efficiency.

4. Cleaning the water pan:

Apart from cleaning the condenser coils, the water pan of the window AC also needs to be clean. For Window AC Maintenance our electrician cleans the water pan regularly.

5. Checking for frost buildup in the condenser:

So, our electrician makes sure there is no frost buildup in the condenser and takes precautions to prevent any ice buildup in the condenser for the winters.

Precaution and maintenance of the Window AC by Ac Repairs Dubai:

1. Our professionals also install high-quality reusable filters in the window AC to prevent further contamination.

2. They also provide A to Z services along with Window AC maintenance such as cleaning and changing the filters.

Window AC Maintenance3. They insulate the filters and vents properly so that no animals, bird, and dirt can enter the window AC.

4. They also provide services for the cleaning and maintaining cooling coils and drain pans.

5. They also provide dealing services of window AC during the renovation of the house.

6. They also make precautions and repairs in case of any air and water leakage in the window AC.

7. They also prevent the mould growth in the window AC by insulating the cooling coils and checking its proper working because their main function is to remove the moister from the air.

8. They seal and insulate non-air- conditioning places, windows, and doors to maximize the cool air flow in the rooms.

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Wide Range Of Services​​

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