Central AC Maintenance

Central AC Maintenance

Among all Air Conditioners, central AC is the hardest to maintain because it has many components and ducts also needed to clean and maintain as well. This can be only done by the expert person how can clean and Central AC Maintenance without damaging it because all the parts needed to be detached for the cleaning purpose and then replaces at its original position for the teeter working of central AC.

Central AC Maintenance by Ac Repairs Dubai:

Central AC MaintenanceAc Repairs Dubai provides all the services, maintenance and repairs required for the central air conditioning of the house, offices, and commercial areas. Our professional electricians are very expert in solving central air conditioning problems, increasing its efficiency and effectively boost its functioning.In most of the houses, the central AC work to cool the house as well as circulate air. The evaporator coil cools the air when t passes through it, it is the main component of the central AC and it is located inside the house.

The condenser unit is located outside the house, it is the other main unit of the Central AC Maintenance and do the all the working to cool the air.

Cleaning Evaporator:

The evaporator is located in the plenum and ducts above the furnace. A clean evaporator helps the air to easily access to the coil and boost up the cooling process. The clean and well-maintained evaporator increase the efficiency of the central AC.

Steps to clean the Evaporator of Central AC by Ac Repairs Dubai: 1. They will safely remove the insulation from the plenum; it might be tapped in the place. 2. They will open screws of insulation and remove it. Central AC Maintenance3. They will now gain access to the evaporator and remove it as well. 4. They will clean the evaporator with a specially designed stiff brush. 5. They clean all the dirt and dust. 6. They will clean the below tray of the evaporator. 7. They also replace all the components at its place. 8. They will also replace insulation and access panel.

Central AC maintenance by Ac Repairs Dubai:

1. The evaporator and condenser of the central AC are sealed systems and for its maintenance house owners have to call professional electrician of Ac Repairs Dubai for the services.

2. For basic maintenance, the house owner can also do some basic things or for ground maintenance, you can also call our expert electricians as well.


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Wide Range Of Services​​

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