AC Leakage Repair

AC Leakage Repair

AC Leakage Repair

AC Leakage Repair

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AC Leakage Repair

Essentially, an AC condenser converts refrigerant gas into liquid form. It does this by facilitating a state change and cooling the gas with the help of a high-powered fan that passes air over a condensing coil. Once cooled, the liquid refrigerant moves along with the AC system to cool the building’s interior. Because the condenser and the compressor sound similar, homeowners sometimes confuse these two components. They have very different functions, though. The compressor serves as the heart of the AC unit, pumping pressurized gaseous refrigerant to the unit’s evaporator.

  • First, the compressor does its part to pressurize refrigerant into a gas.
  • Next, that gas enters the condenser, where it’s converted to a liquid and transferred to the AC unit’s evaporator.
  • There, the refrigerant is blown into the interior of a home, office or other structure, where it absorbs the excess heat in the air. The AC cycle starts all over again as the unit’s refrigerant heats up to become a gas.

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AC Leakage Repair

Though the AC Leakage Repair condenser is considered a single component, it’s made up of several parts. The AC condenser’s coil, motor, fans, tubes and the circuit board can all fail individually or together. They can also fail suddenly or slowly over a long period. Here are some of the most common problems you’ll run into with an AC condenser.

Dirty Component:

Because most home AC units’ condensers reside outside, it’s not unusual for the condenser or some of its parts to attract dirt and debris. It’s also relatively common for grass, brush and other plant matter to grow around the unit, surrounding it and preventing it from working properly.


Leaks within faulty tubes and seals are common reasons for condenser failure. The seals can wear and breakdown after extensive use.


Particles and debris can accumulate within the AC unit and lead to blockages, ultimately causing condenser failure. While some of this debris might be external, it’s more often the result of metal particles that have flaked off the condenser itself.

Bad Run Capacitor:

The AC condenser’s run capacitors energize the component’s fan motors. A run capacitor that’s gone bad will cause a jump but won’t actually start the motor. There’s a good chance the condenser’s run capacitor is bad when the motor won’t start anymore.

Faulty Control Board:

The condenser’s control board is the circuit board that communicates with the various parts. When the control board is faulty, communication breaks down. Critical parts of the fan motor and the coil don’t function or switch on or off like they should, which compromises the entire component.

Burnt Motor:

When the condenser’s motor starts to go, it’s often a gradual process. Instead of flaming out in a dramatic fashion, the fan motor will start to move more slowly, working much less effective over time.

Having a good AC Leakage Repair service on call should you experience problems is certainly important and we believe we can offer you an excellent service that will more than meet your needs. We are a specialist in the air conditioning repairs market and believe we can offer you great prices and an unbeatable level of customer service

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Wide Range Of Services​​

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