AC Repair in Silicon Oasis

AC Repair in Silicon Oasis

Silicon Oasis is located in Dubai and it is also known as the Free Trade Zone. It is that part of Dubai where many big companies running their full flash business with zero worries. As there are some big industries relies on so there is a lot of need for Air Conditioner to prevent extra amount of heat producing during the manufacturing process. These industries do not afford an absence of AC because Dubai is already hot climatic city where AC is a necessary part of normal life. In these industries, the manufacturing process generating a huge amount of excess heat which required some high power AC which reduces its heating. Ac Repairs Dubai provides AC Repair in Silicon Oasis for the owners of the industries because we don’t want any loss of the customer.

AC Repair in Silicon Oasis by Ac Repairs Dubai:

AC Repair in Silicon OasisAs every, our customer knows that we are expert in AC Repairing Service and they believe us because of our quality service. Our every technician is certified and expert in AC Repair in Silicon Oasis area. We hear many cases about Silicon Oasis that there is no reliable technician who can work properly and according to the needs of the owner and those who are working in Silicon Oasis were charged a huge amount of money as they installed some new system in the factory. So, that is why we offer AC Repair in Silicon Oasis service to take owners out of worries. If you give us chance for repairing or maintenance of your AC then we will give you guarantee that your AC system is in safe hands.

Types of AC Repairing:

AC in Factories occurs issues many times because they are in running continuously without any break. As AC is an electronic device and needs some break to cooling down but for factories, requirement absence of AC just for a minute will make some serious damage to the machines. Its issues may be of various types:

1- TrippingAC Repair in Silicon Oasis 2- Compressor Issue 3- Outer Fan Issue 4-  Maintenance

1- Tripping:

Sometimes AC getting trip after every 15-20 minutes which means there is no cooling producing by AC as it is getting the trip. AC trips when there is a lot of loading handling by a single outer and also by the position.

2- Compressor Issue:

When AC is running not producing any cooling then it means that their compressor is got damaged or it’s gas leak by which it is not cooling the room.

3- Outer Fan Issue:

An outer fan plays a vital role in AC cooling process. When outer’s fan stop working or not swing then it creates not some serious issue to the AC. There is no compressor cooling object exist after fan stop working.

4- Maintenance:

AC requires proper and timely maintenance because it is running whole day without any break. Maintenance process includes cleaning of vents, fan cleaning, Nets cleaning, gas level checking, coolant level checking and many other. If you’re not giving maintenance to your AC then it will give you some serious stress at once.

Wide Range Of Services​​

Wide Range Of Services​​

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