Room Air Conditioner

Room Air Conditioner
In Dubai, Air Conditioner becomes a basic need of life because the atmosphere in Dubai is very hot and getting more hotter time to time. Residents in Dubai prevent himself from the hot weather of Dubai by using Air Conditioner in their house. There are many types of Air Conditioners available in markets which are used by residents of Dubai in different areas. Usually, residents of Dubai installed Air Conditioner centrally because they want to chill their complete house. Dining Room and another type of rooms. Room Air Conditioner installation is a difficult task because it needs perfect positioning, Under wall wiring, perfect drainage area and it’s plugging area through which wire can easily get plugged into the socket and not looks weird.

Room Air Conditioner by Samraa Maintenance:

Room Air ConditionerIf you’re looking for a technician for installation, repairing or maintenance of your Room Air Conditioner then we are sure that you will contact us on priority because we are the best Air Conditioner Service providers for a room. Our technicians are experts in the installation of room air conditioner and have many years of experience in Ac field. In Dubai, we are now becoming a trademark for AC services in Dubai. We can provide our customers with every service related to their AC System.

AC Services by Samraa Maintenance:

Samraa Maintenance offers its AC repairing Dubai service, Replacement, Installation and maintenance services in all over the Dubai.


AC System installation is not an easy task to do because it required perfect measurement of area, a size of AC system and have all the tools which need in its installation. Samraa Maintenance’s technicians always follow the proper installation methods. Now fit AC in the hanging frame, connect it with drain pipe and connect it to the socket for electric supply. AC installation Dubai is not an easy task and not be done by any technician.


As AC is running throughout the day without any break so it Room Air Conditionerstarts occurring some issues and which needs to be repaired timely. These issues are may be of following types of compressor issue, silicon coil issue, capacitor issue, tripping issue, overheating. If you’re facing any kind of issue related to them then you have to take an immediate action for preventing. In this scenario, call Samraa Maintenance for the repairing of your AC in no time because of our technicians


Samraa Maintenance also provides you with AC maintenance service in Dubai. Most people don’t give importance to their AC system and don’t do their maintenance many times. That’s why Samraa Maintenance provides our customers Room Air Conditioner Maintenance service all over the Dubai.

Wide Range Of Services​​

Wide Range Of Services​​

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